We at Fit4Life understand that getting in shape and staying in shape is not easy!
We are lifetime exercisers and know too well how hard it is to stay disciplined.

Here are some tips for exercise success:
Always check with your doctor before starting, or restarting, any exercise program!!

Wear comfortable, properly fitted sneakers or flat shoes with laces. 
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing appropriate for the weather and the activity.
Schedule the necessary time and stick to it!
Start slowly and gradually build up to a minimum 30 minutes of activity at least days of the week (or whatever your doctor recommends).

You don’t like, or can’t afford gym membership?
You prefer not to use weights or weightlifting equipment?
You prefer working out at home?
This may be the program for you…More info!
Exercise at the same time of day so it becomes a regular part of your lifestyle.
Try to make it a habit, but be flexible. If you miss an exercise opportunity, work activity into your day another way.
Keep reasonable expectations of yourself, most of us are not competitive athletes.

Look for chances to be more active during the day.
Walk the mall before shopping, park farther from the grocery store or take the stairs instead of the escalator, take 10–15 minute walk breaks while watching TV or sitting.

Don’t exercise too vigorously right after meals, when it’s very hot or humid, or when you just don’t feel up to it.
Make it fun!
Choose activities that are fun, not exhausting. Put together a variety activities that you can enjoy, the big boys call it cross training! 
Ask family and friends to join you — you may be more likely to stick with it if you have company.
Join an exercise group, health club or community center.
Many churches and senior centers offer exercise programs too. 

Use variety to keep your interest up. Walk one day, swim the next, then go for a bike ride on the weekend.
Use music or audio books to keep you entertained.

Note your activities on a calendar or in a logbook. Write down the distance or length of time of your activity and how you feel after each session.
Keep a record of your activities. Reward yourself at special milestones with non-food items, like a small gift or shopping trip for yourself.

Nothing motivates like success!